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Tyler’s Rational

I feel I have experienced the Tyler rationale within my own schooling when I was in elementary school. I was always a student who followed the rules and handed in all my assignments. In hopes that this would help me achieve success but I found to be left in the cracks. My teachers would skip over me in class when walking around to help students as they knew I would complete my work and not worry about checking in because they knew aI would get done what needed to be done, but what ended up happening was that I was not fully taking in what I needed to. My spelling and reading comprehension began to lack tremendously. I actually began to decrease rather than increase the skills I was suppose to be developing. I found extra help outside of school to catch me backup to where I was supposed to be but I feel this makes connection to Tyler’s rational because the teachers thought since I was always completing my assignments that I would be fully taking in the indicators and producing the outcomes to par, but this wasn’t the case. 

Kids develop not only at school but also outside of school. Tyler’s approach is under the assumption that children will take what they learn from school home, but nothing that they learn from home to school. This is problematic as students main identientes coe from home and that was not considered, “it turns educators into technicians”. In the article it states “it implies that behavior can be objectively, mechanistically measured.”,this is a scary statement. Like said in lecture children can not be fed information and produce the same results. All teachers bring in their own experiences in learning and it is difficult to understand that not everyone learns the way you do. As a teacher we need to be able to identify different learning techniques and adjust for our students accourningly rather than following the Tyler method  and hoping the same income for each student results in the same outcome.


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