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Canada’s Truth

Dwayne Donald talks about the power that colonialism still has on our today’s societies. He also addresses that when Aboribal people and Canadians speak to one another they are still “missing” the messages being told as they are still coming from two different perspectives, not as a whole. This is a pressing issue in our societies as building these relationships with one another are crucial. There is no going back in time there is only the future that we can control; therefore it may be even more pressing to teach a class full of “Canadian Canadians” Canada’s history, as we have not been truly educated. He then defines colonialism as “an extended process of denying relationships’”. As these students clearly are not able to distinguish the relationship between Canadians and Indigenous peoples, the teacher will need to start from the very start of the story. Dwayne talks about how there isn’t a possibility of moving forward if the past isn’t figured out. As a result these students as Canadians or non Aboriginal need to be stressed that we are all treaty people and our relationships need to be reconciled. 

In your discussion with Clair she talked about how these young students are going to one day own the decision making. To have the understanding of Canadians and Indigenous peoples relationships these students need to be educated before relationships can be mended. So for my understanding of the curriculum that “we are all treaty people”, this holds a lot of weight on me. This is Canada’s history, and I as a future educator am incharge of educating my students to understand the true history that went on in Canada, to express that we are all on treaty land and this needs to be acknowledged/understood. As an up and coming teacher this is a subject area as of right now I do not feel extremely confident in because I was never taught the full story of Canada’s truths when growing up, I was basically just shown a map with 10 provinces and 3 territories and told that this was Canada, but I am driven to continue learning. I am a white settler, and I do want to help reconcile Canadian and Indingenous peoples relationships. I want to help eliminate this built in bias’, transition the racist misconceptions to be fully understood as not true. I do have a big job to do, but I will continue to listen and learn in hopes to educate the upcoming youth for a strong future, as one.


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