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Learning From Place

Some ways i saw reinhabitation and decolonization happening through the narrative were:

The concerns came at a time when discoveries of the Ring of Fire mineral deposits west of the community were and are bringing pressures from mining companies and the federal government to enter into large scale extractive development. (pg 73)

The advisory committee for the project wanted to develop a process that brought

youth and elders together.(pg 74)

Youth conducted interviews with peers, adults, and elders on key issues related to

the role of land, the river, and the people for community social and economic well-being.

Fifteen interviews were collected and formed the basis for a short audio documentary,

titled The Kistachowan River Knows My Name, which aired in the local community and

on Wawatay radio, which reaches a wide audience in northern Ontario.(pg 75)

Many people still do not hold a connection between Indegious and Candian relationships. Being an educator I know that I will be playing a role in decolonization and reinhabitation for our youth and hopefully carry over to the caregivers of my students. The importance of educating our youth is curual. As a teacher I can incorporate First Nations content in my classroom by starting each day off by addressing the land we are on, for example if I were to begin my teaching here in Saskatchewan I would acknowledge that we are all of treaty 4 territory. As a teacher I can show the Candadian and First Nations relationship by bringing in an elder to do some teachings, or incorporating first nations content into my lessons. I have also taken Cree 100 in my previous semester of university, and would like to incorporate the language I was taught into my classroom. I could incorporate a cree word in my spelling tests, or I could also revolve my teachings around the language. As I am enrolled in K-5 education, I could teach the different sounds of the alphabet in Cree as I would in English. I would also like to hang things up in my classroom of First Nations culture to normalize and eliminate some of the previously learnt bias’s students may hold. 


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