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“Common Sense”

Kumashiro defines ‘common sense’ as something you are grown up knowing. He talks about how it was challenging for him to change his thoughts on “meals, water, time, privacy, and other aspects in Nepal.” You as an adult maintain common sense of things that have been normalized to you. You do not need to be taught these things because you’ve been raised with the understanding of how things are ‘supposed to be’. Your parents, guardians, community, ext have been role models of ‘common sense’ things from a young age. Diversity is huge when considering common sense.

It is so important to pay attention to ‘common sense’ because this can differ between many different aspects of every individuals life. Common sense does differ between every individual on small and large scales. Things like religion, culture, and social diversity can make large differences in what people consider to be common sense. This has a major effect on how you need to run your classroom. Everyone has their own story and it needs to be heard to reinforce success with in a classroom.


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