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Hidden Curriculum: assignment 1

I have chosen the on the topic of the hidden curriculum. Throughout my elementary and highschool education I never really thought about the curriculum in any other way than an academic based structure for teachers to educate us as students. This changed when I was exposed to this class. This class has sparked a large interest of mine to dig into a deeper understanding of what the “hidden curriculum” fully entails. As I am hoping to teach children of very young ages pre-k to grade 2 I thought it would be most beneficial for me to do my research paper revolving around young children.  

I chose the article “Rethinking the hidden curriculum: daily routine in Slovene preschools” by Marcela Batistič Zorec and Anita Jug Došler. This article discusses the importance that a “daily routine represents a significant part of life for children in kindergarten.”, as the importance of future growth is stressed emancy throughout the article. They state that “it is also important to note that regular routines contribute to stability and predictability of life and greatly foster a child’s well-being and health” so they touch on the topics of attendance, punctuality, eating habits, naps, and sleep patterns. These are all seen as crucial elements of the success of a young growing child.  

As the article continues they get into details of what they see as critical elements of the children’s daily routine. They perceive student learning as “appropriate to establish a balance between stability and predictability”. This is concluding that they believe children need to establish a structure for each day to allow each child to establish a sense of self as an individual.


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